On October 22, 2018, I encourage you to make the Right Choice and vote Steve Clarke for Councillor Ward 7. With my strong leadership skills, dedication, compassion, dependability and extensive knowledge of municipal affairs, I am the Right Choice for the residents and business owners of our Ward 7 community.




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Meet Steve

I am a lifelong Hamilton resident who has lived in Ward 7 since 1997 with my wife of 30 years and our family. 

I made my career serving this community while working for the City of Hamilton for 30+ years, with 24 years in management. During my career I have gained the experience, knowledge, and established a strong network that is required to be an effective civic leader. With my knowledge of municipal affairs, I am proficient in overcoming obstacles to deliver tangible results.  

My career has also included union involvement. I have held several different positions within CUPE 1041 such as 5 years as President, 5 years as Vice-President and Grievance Chairman, negotiating team member, Human Rights Consultant, Labour Relations Board Member and Area Rep. These various roles have allowed me the opportunity to gain the skills required to be an effective leader who has shown integrity, reliability and makes decisions based on a democratic process. I was able to be successful in negotiations while being able to compromise. I became an advocate for all union member’s issues related to labour, human rights, and benefits.

I believe in being an active participant in the community. I had the privilege of coaching both my sons in the Hamilton Lacrosse Association over the span of 15 years. I coached both box lacrosse and field lacrosse at various ages and levels. I also had the opportunity to coach my daughter’s hockey with the Hamilton Hawks for 3 years out of our community arena Inch Park. 

Why I Am Running?

I am a long-time Ward 7 residential homeowner and I have spent my working career serving this great city. My interest in politics began at a young age when I would eagerly wait for my father to finish reading the daily local Hamilton newspaper so I could read about the current events. In my early 20’s, I made the decision to enter a career in municipal service with the City of Hamilton. Over the course of my career, I was able to gain the experience and knowledge needed to become an effective civic leader.

In this phase of my life, I now have the opportunity to pursue my passion for politics. I am running for Ward 7 because I have a firm knowledge of the issues and truly believe I can make a difference for all residential and business owners in Ward 7. With my guidance and your support, I believe Ward 7 can thrive as a community.

Why Ward 7?

I chose Ward 7 to live and raise my family because it is the best location on the mountain. In Ward 7, we are conveniently located next to major roads and highways and we have an abundance of amenities spanning from local community centers, schools, hospitals, parks, to essential services. We also have diverse neighbourhoods that promote community involvement, safe living and support local businesses. Over the years I’ve seen how our community has evolved, and I want the next four years to be a time of growth for Ward 7 and the City of Hamilton.

As a long time friend and business associate, Steve has always shown integrity honesty and a willingness to help out in any situation, with his strong leadership skills, and eagerness to get things done, I’m not surprised he’s taken on this endeavor, good luck Steve,
Raymond Dubosq
President RRD Welding and Fabrication Ltd