Lower Property Taxes

We need to promote new business growth in the City of Hamilton. With an increase in business tax contributions, we will have less of a need for high residential property taxes. In order to reduce the tax burden on the residential property taxpayer, we need to increase the number of business taxpayers. The City of Hamilton needs to make it easier and more attractive for new business growth. This can be achieved by promoting the benefits of the City of Hamilton and by making the process of licencing, zoning, and constructing streamlined.


I support the cancellation of the LRT and for the reallocation of those dedicated funds to be used immediately to address the necessary repairs of Hamilton’s deteriorating infrastructure. The Infrastructure in Hamilton is in a state of disrepair. The budget to repair or replace the deteriorating infrastructure is underfunded. All infrastructure issues should be prioritized and the necessary repairs should be scheduled and budgeted.

Affordable Housing

We must tackle the shortage of affordable housing. We need to repair the existing homes owned by the City of Hamilton that are currently uninhabitable due to structural damage or other serious deficiencies. We need to partner with private sector to add affordable housing to meet the growing demand.

Public Transportation System

We must improve Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) public transportation system. I will support the expansion of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) which will increase the number of routes, frequency of buses and ensuring that all buses are fully accessible for all residents regardless of where they live.

Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

We must promote a healthy lifestyle for all Hamiltonian’s. I support the expansion of bike lanes infrastructure,  green spaces such as parks, leash free parks, reforestation, and to plan for the care of our aging populations.